Director of Communications & Marketing

Adelia Anjani Putri

Meet Adelia, a former journalist who gracefully transitioned into a seasoned communications strategist with an eclectic background spanning venture capital, early-stage tech startups, and political movements. A master of words, she thrives in the realm of strategic communication. As the Director of Communications & Marketing at Pijar Foundation, Indonesia’s rapidly ascending philanthropic powerhouse, Adelia spearheads the mission to empower strategic players with the tools and expertise required to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow. Adelia’s trail of accomplishments stretches back to her pivotal role on the early team of Alpha JWC Ventures, Indonesia’s premier venture capital firm. Over an impactful 5+ years, she guided the firm and its expansive portfolio of 70+ startups in brand building, strategic communications, marketing, and public relations strategies across Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Before immersing herself in the venture capital and tech realms, Adelia’s journalistic flair graced prominent platforms including Jakarta Globe, Forbes magazine, and Rappler. Her reporting spanned national and local politics, international affairs, lifestyle, and impactful social and legal issues. Her involvement in youth and political movements further attests to her multifaceted engagement. Even today, Adelia’s passion for writing endures through her personal projects. Holding an MSc in Politics and Communication from The London School of Economics and an MBA from Institut Teknologi Bandung with a specialization in Strategic Marketing, she blends academic brilliance with real-world impact. Adelia embodies the fusion of narratives and strategies that shape futures and inspire change.

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