Director of Public Policy

Cazadira Fediva Tamzil

Introducing Cazadira, a trailblazing expert in public policy and education. At the helm of Pijar Foundation’s policy advocacy and public affairs arm, she orchestrates programs that encompass policy research, fellowships, grants, mentorship, and impactful social campaigns. With an impressive network of over 30 partner organizations and coverage in 100+ mass media outlets, her influence is far-reaching. With a decade of experience as a trusted advisor, Cazadira has guided governments, philanthropists, development agencies, and private enterprises in crafting effective policies. Her areas of expertise span climate change, education and talent management, energy transition, waste management, healthcare, and ASEAN affairs. As an authoritative voice, she has authored 6 op-eds and co-authored 3 books, solidifying her as a thought leader in her field. Cazadira’s academic journey is equally distinguished, graduating as Valedictorian from both the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Universitas Indonesia’s Faculty of Social and Political Science. Her exceptional academic prowess was underscored by a Best Dissertation award for her LSE study, which was fully funded by the Indonesian Ministry of Finance’s prestigious LPDP scholarship. Cazadira embodies excellence, influence, and the tireless pursuit of shaping policies that drive positive change.

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