Director of Innovation

Cynthia Krisanti

Meet Cynthia, a seasoned tech maven who has seamlessly transitioned from a tech leader to a Venture Capitalist, boasting over a decade of prowess in technology, business analysis, business development, and commercial strategy. With a dynamic background as a former founder, operator, and management consultant, Cynthia’s multifaceted experience forms the bedrock of her innovative approach. Her trailblazing journey has seen her occupy pivotal roles in multiple startups across diverse sectors, with a primary focus on shaping commercial strategy and driving business development and analysis. Notably, she orchestrated the growth of a significant category at Ula, a B2B Commerce venture backed by Jeff Bezos. Prior to that, she played a pivotal role as Head of Sales Strategy & Analytics at Go-Jek, spearheading international expansion endeavors. Cynthia’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through as a co-founder of a retail-as-a-service startup, a venture that democratises premium retail spaces for Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands in Indonesia, amplifying their access to growth opportunities. Her academic journey mirrors her dynamism, holding an MSc in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London and a BSc in Industrial Engineering from the Institute of Technology, Bandung. Cynthia embodies innovation, leadership, and the spirit of transformation, making her an essential force in the world of technology and venture capital.

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