Executive Director

Ferro Ferizka Aryananda

Meet Ferro, the visionary architect behind Pijar Foundation. Before igniting the Pijar Foundation journey, Ferro had already left an indelible mark. Over a decade at Microsoft, he carved his legacy through pioneering roles: spearheading Office 365’s Indonesia launch, shaping groundbreaking deals in the Asia Pacific Region, and co-founding Microsoft’s acclaimed FastTrack initiative. Ferro’s impact extended beyond the corporate realm as he carved his path in academia and youth activism. A historical figure as one of Indonesia’s youngest university chancellors at 31, he established IDNEXTLEADER, an organization that has rapidly become the country’s fastest-growing platform for youth social innovators, fostering mentorship and connections for 15,000 potential young leaders. With academic credentials adorned with Cum Laude distinction from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Ferro’s insatiable thirst for learning led him to two master’s degrees from prestigious institutions in Singapore and Australia. His journey, marked by innovation, leadership, and relentless pursuit of excellence, positions Ferro Ferizka as a transformative force, crafting a future where Indonesia thrives on the cusp of limitless possibilities.

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