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Role Model of National Student Talent Development

Future Skills

The Pijar Foundation collaboration event with Future Skills and 84 partners has been held for one semester in the second half of 2021 and was attended by 16,000+ participants from 600 Universities in Indonesia. The open learning concept offered in Future Skills, it allows participants to have organizational skills, sociopreneur, creative industry, sustainable green planet […]

Role Model of Future Higher Education


The establishment of a technopreneur creativity center makes Pijar Foundation as a link between universities and job vocation through multi-sectoral involvement to support innovation in the socio-technopreneur field. Currently, GamaSTePs is developing an application-based national talent development program. And the program has received funding of approximately 13 billion rupiah.

Role Model of Digital-Based Pesantren Empowerment


Digital relations in Muslim societies have crossed regional and national boundaries. The efforts to exchange Islamic content, culture and traditions, initiated by the Indonesian Muslim Youth and in the form of Muslim Kreatif community have penetrated to 17 countries and 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. To support the achievement of broad impact among young people, Muslim […]

Creative Model of Halal Industry Ecosystem

Halal Industry

As a pioneering center for the study of a trusted halal lifestyle, Pijar Foundation together with Shafiec UNU Yogyakarta continues to optimize inclusive creative content for young people. Through excellent programs such as webinars, internships, and training classes, Shafiec UNU Yogyakarta has successfully trained 1,400 young people to be actively involved in sharia literacy. In […]

Digital-based Pesantren Empowerment


Digitrend is a digital platform created by the Pijar Foundation to change the stigma of pesantren from being conservative to being a digital boarding school that is in line with the times. The Pijar Foundation through the Digitrend app has built a digital ecosystem and promoted digital transformation for Islamic boarding schools, so that pesantren […]

Role Model of National Technopark


Over the last few years, the Pijar Foundation, partnering with the Solo Technopark team successfully built an innovation center by obtaining a total funding of more than 80 billion in 6 months. In addition, Solo Technopark has succeeded in developing strategic partnerships with more than 20 collaborators from various sectors. In its development, Solo Technopark […]

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