Future Skills by Pijar Foundation is a digital development platform for young talent who must be adaptable to new, pertinent knowledge and skills. Future Skills Indonesia’s mission is to provide Indonesian talent with the various skills they will need in the future. Given how quickly and severely the world is changing, reskilling and upskilling must be done.

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DBS Berpijar
a capacity-building program on digital literacy and finances organized by collaboration between Pijar Foundation and DBS Indonesia. This program can be followed by public and Indonesian students. This program provides several benefits for participants, it’s the opportunity to meet professionals who provide knowledge and skills on digital and financial literacy topics, and selected participants have the opportunity to join the DBS Indonesia talent pool.
Microsoft Berpijar
A capacity-building program for preparing future digital talent through innovative classes with practitioners in various fields organized by collaboration between Pijar Foundation and Microsoft. This program was attended by 2392 participants from 280 universities in 34 provinces in Indonesia. Participants get several benefits, certificates that can be converted into credits, internship opportunities at local government institutions and MSMEs, and career opportunities at an internship partner institution.
Future Skills Course
Lecture program for young talents from all universities and communities throughout Indonesia. This course is a Future Skills collaboration with various well-known industries and communities in Indonesia. For that reason too, all programs in the Future Skills Lecture are certified Industry recognized and can be converted into credits at each college.
ASN Berpijar
ASN Berpijar is an upskilling program for ASN to increase their capacity in realizing policy innovations and better public services.
Future Career Class
Asynchronous lecture program filled by practitioners and experts who are qualified in each field. This program has the aim of providing an overview and tips for young talents on various fields of work.
Creative content that talks about everything about the future, especially in the career field. This program is filled by various resource persons who have experience in the world of work.
Jakarta Office:
Jalan Taman Patra III No. 2 Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan 12950
Yogyakarta Office:
Jl. Dewi Sartika No. 9, Terban, Kec. Gondokusuman, Yogyakarta 555223


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