The Post-Pandemic Future for Women in the the Workplace | GFTalks Podcast 1

The Post-Pandemic Future for Women in the the Workplace | GFTalks Podcast 1

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  • 23 July 2022
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The inaugural season of Breaking Barriers podcast deep-dives on the topic of ‘Women in Leadership’. 

Women’s leadership and active participation in the public fora is a key element in ensuring that the world builds back better and achieves the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. As the world continues to chart its recovery from the pandemic, it is imperative to recognize the gendered impacts of the health emergency. Economically, women globally lost over 64 millions jobs equivalent to USD 800 billion in lost income. This phenomenon exacerbates gender inequality worldwide, as well as the collective force for good. 

In the pilot episode, Indira Zahra-Aridati (Policy Manager at Global Future X) is honored to interview Cazadira Fediva Tamzil (Director of Global Future X), who has experience in the public, private and community sectors, to share her experience. Beyond her experience, Cazadira talks about some of the challenges women face in the workforce, also focusing on disparities linked to socio-economic conditions and geographical areas. 

The podcast is part of a collective movement promoting collaborative governance to #SolveTheFutureNow
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