Building the pathways to shape a better future.

Within the heart of Pijar Foundation beats the relentless pursuit of shaping a future that knows no boundaries. We are the architects of pathways that guide us towards a brighter, more equitable tomorrow. With unwavering dedication, we lay the groundwork for change, fostering initiatives that empower individuals, communities, and beyond. As we navigate these purpose-driven paths, we pave the way for a future where potential is nurtured, dreams are realized, and impact is boundless.

At Pijar Foundation, we’re not just thinking ahead, we’re leading the way.

We’re on a mission to empower strategic players with the tools and expertise to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of tomorrow.

By anticipating and analyzing future issues and mitigating disruptive challenges faced by diverse stakeholders, we’re creating a brighter Future Planet and Future Talent for all. 

Join us in unlocking potential, shaping tomorrow, and making a meaningful impact.

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Programs and Initiatives

Education and Talent

Education and Talent

The brilliance of the future is shaped by the untapped potential within every individual – from students, professionals, civil servants, to the entirety of our diverse human resources. Explore how our transformative Future Skills program transcends boundaries to empower a wide spectrum of individuals, and how our strategic partnerships unlocks new avenues of growth and success for everyone we touch.

Public Policy

Public Policy

We bring together diverse problem-solvers to design innovative policies for a sustainable future. We are dedicated to fostering collaboration between private and community sectors to optimize meaningful partnerships to #SolveTheFutureNow.



Through Lestari, we build a dynamic ecosystem where the seeds of entrepreneurship are sown, collaboration is fostered, and the power of technology is harnessed to create lasting change and impact.

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Penerima Penghargaan MUDA30 Pijar Foundation

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