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Who We are?
Pijar Foundation is the ecosystem of strategic players, focus on guides and assists to prepare themselves to embrace future trends, opportunities, and challenges.
Our Vision
Building a coalition of strategic players to embrace future trends, opportunities, and challenges.
What We Do?
Closing The Talent Gap

Creating Future Skills Platforms - Nurturing Indonesia's future changemakers

Closing The Innovation Gap

Building the Lestari Innovation Accelerator - Future Business Incubator

Closing The Policy Gap

Initiate Global Future X - Designing policies of the future


Develop ecosystem for future talent





Future Skills by Pijar Foundation is a digital development platform for young talent who must be adaptable to new, pertinent knowledge and skills. Future Skills Indonesia’s mission is to provide Indonesian talent with the various skills they will need in the future. Given how quickly and severely the world is changing, reskilling and upskilling must […]
An acceleration programs for innovation that solve future human problems, ie. carbon trading platform, also becomes an innovative fund. Provide Investment Ecosystem for Investor Our unique combination of program, venture funding, and strategic partner networks offers an unprecedented ecosystem for finding more and better investment opportunities Accelerate the Ventures We help high-impact ventures by connecting […]
Designing policies of the future through “future planet and talent” policy roadmap development and idea exchange forums.
Why Are We Here? As an Ecosystem Currently, many young talents are competent & have a high interest in exploration. In order for this competency to be optimized, it is necessary to have an ecosystem that can become a forum for young talents to connect with mentors, funding, strategic partners, and become a space for […]

Trusted reference with various contributions for Indonesia’s future talent development

Creative Model of Halal Industry Ecosystem
Creative Model of Halal Industry Ecosystem

As a pioneering center for the study of a trusted halal lifestyle, Pijar Foundation together with Shafiec UNU Yogyakarta continues to optimize inclusive creative content for young people. Through excellent programs such as webinars, internships, and training classes, Shafiec UNU Yogyakarta has successfully trained 1,400 young people to be actively involved in sharia literacy. In […]
Role Model of Digital-Based Pesantren Empowerment
Role Model of Digital-Based Pesantren Empowerment

Digital relations in Muslim societies have crossed regional and national boundaries. The efforts to exchange Islamic content, culture and traditions, initiated by the Indonesian Muslim Youth and in the form of Muslim Kreatif community have penetrated to 17 countries and 34 provinces throughout Indonesia. To support the achievement of broad impact among young people, Muslim […]
Role Model of National Student Talent Development
Role Model of National Student Talent Development

The Pijar Foundation collaboration event with Future Skills and 84 partners has been held for one semester in the second half of 2021 and was attended by 16,000+ participants from 600 Universities in Indonesia. The open learning concept offered in Future Skills, it allows participants to have organizational skills, sociopreneur, creative industry, sustainable green planet […]
Digital-based Pesantren Empowerment
Digital-based Pesantren Empowerment

Digitrend is a digital platform created by the Pijar Foundation to change the stigma of pesantren from being conservative to being a digital boarding school that is in line with the times. The Pijar Foundation through the Digitrend app has built a digital ecosystem and promoted digital transformation for Islamic boarding schools, so that pesantren […]
Role Model of Future Higher Education
Role Model of Future Higher Education

The establishment of a technopreneur creativity center makes Pijar Foundation as a link between universities and job vocation through multi-sectoral involvement to support innovation in the socio-technopreneur field. Currently, GamaSTePs is developing an application-based national talent development program. And the program has received funding of approximately 13 billion rupiah.
Role Model of National Technopark
Role Model of National Technopark

Over the last few years, the Pijar Foundation, partnering with the Solo Technopark team successfully built an innovation center by obtaining a total funding of more than 80 billion in 6 months. In addition, Solo Technopark has succeeded in developing strategic partnerships with more than 20 collaborators from various sectors. In its development, Solo Technopark […]
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Beneficiaries’ Quotes

“I was so excited when I heard about the “Kewirausahaan Sosial” (Social Entrepreneurship) class at Gadjah Mada University. This subject reflects the principles & being a role model of Kampus Merdeka program. I would like to express my appreciation for this initiative in order to support Kampus Merdeka. It shows that not only The Ministry of Education & Culture, but also the other institutions, such as state-owned enterprises, private sectors, and the nonprofit sectors have commitments to support this program.

With the spirit of collaboration, hopefully, Solo Technopark would be a locomotive to drive-force the society’s economy and improve regional competitiveness

It is such a pleasure for Bukalapak to be part of Solo Technopark to improve the MSMEs’ capacity, especially in Surakarta, so they could be scaled up through digitalization. The collaboration between Bukalapak and Solo Technopark hopefully not only to accelerate the MSMEs in Surakarta, but also could be an inspiration for 8private sectors & government in other cities throughout Indonesia.

Agility, Innovation and Growth Mindset are the key components to disturb higher education in today's fast changing world. As a new institution, UNU Yogyakarta is well equipped to play this crucial role by adapting the StartUp mindset

UNU is an innovative and unique program that is designed to create professional graduates to be part of the world's solution. The curriculum is tailored with leading industries and professionals to provide students with real world hands-on experience.


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