Embracing Impact: Chronicles of Positive Change

Welcome to a realm of change on our Impact page, where we present a collection of stories that exemplify the difference we’re making. These tales highlight the journeys of those touched by our initiatives, showcasing the undeniable influence of collective action. Join us as we explore the narratives that underscore our commitment to fostering a world of meaningful transformation.

Our Stories

Penerima Penghargaan MUDA30 Pijar Foundation

Penerima Penghargaan MUDA30 Pijar Foundation

Aan Karuniawan Prasetia, TLCNESIA Aldi Reihan, Fino Badut Aria Pradana Wirawan, Gerakan Temanggung Bebas Sampah Audri Syahroni, Muda Tani Azzamhari Ferdiansyah, Eco-Aquaculture Brili Agung Zaky Pradika, Semesta Agro Daniyah Deluca, Kakarobot Dian Putri Permata, PIJAR...

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