Pijar Foundation launches 2022 Impact Report and welcomes Arsjad Rasjid & Wishnutama to its Board of Trustees

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Apr 5, 2023

Download the report here.

  • Pijar Foundation launched an Impact Report highlighting their significant progress in addressing future challenges with solutions based on innovation, talent, and policy.
  • Within a year, the foundation’s three flagship programs have made significant strides, including accelerating the growth of 10 green startups, empowering 15 grassroots communities, engaging with 250+ partners, fostering synergy between 36 fellows in the energy sector, and positively impacting 45,000 beneficiaries.
  • The foundation also introduces two new members of its Board of Trustees:  Indonesian Chamber of Commerce Chairman Arsjad Rasjid and Former Tourism Minister Wishnutama Kusubandio, who express excitement to support the foundation’s approach and initiatives.

Pijar Foundation has published its first-ever Impact Report detailing the foundation’s efforts to tackle the challenges of the future. The report highlights Pijar Foundation’s progress in various critical areas, including education, employment, clean energy, waste management, future economy, and food security.

Pijar Foundation is a non-profit organisation and ecosystem that focuses on creating pathways for Indonesia’s future in two key thematic areas: Future Planet and Future Talent. The foundation values the power of strategic collaboration in bringing together the best ideas, innovations, and policies to address future challenges, trends, and opportunities. Through its talent, innovation, and policy initiatives, Pijar Foundation connects and fosters collaboration among thousands of stakeholders from private, government, educational institutions, NGOs, and communities – unlocking the full potential of tomorrow’s leaders.

“In just one year since our inception, Pijar Foundation has launched three mainstay programs which has accelerated the business of 10 green startups, engaged with more than 250 partners, empowered 15 grassroots communities in 12 provinces, nurtured synergy 36 fellows in the energy sector, and many more – eventually touching the lives of at least 45,000 beneficiaries,” said Executive Director Ferro Ferizka. “Through our initiatives, we aim to close the gap in education, talent, and policy so we can empower the people to flourish and create solutions needed for a better and more sustainable future.”

The foundation currently hosts three flagship programs: Future Skills, Global Future X, and Lestari.

Future Skills is an online platform that offers industry-led courses, webinars, internships, and mentorships to help students and professionals learn the skills they need for the future, with the added benefit of translating courses taken into official college credits.

Global Future X is a platform promoting policies for a sustainable future through collaboration. It offers a short-term fellowship program for decision makers called “Global Future Fellows” and a grant and mentorship scheme empowering local sustainability movements called “Global Future Builder”. In 2022, Global Future Fellows’ 36 senior professionals produced a whitepaper on accelerating green energy transition in Indonesia. Global Future Builder supported 15 community-led movements, positively impacting 750 direct and 5,000 secondary beneficiaries across 12 provinces.

Lestari is a hub that links innovators with corporate partners, industry experts, and mentors. Last year, Lestari launched its first accelerator program, PLN Elevation, in partnership with PLN. The program provided an opportunity for 10 startups to conduct pilot projects within the PLN ecosystem, leading to successful graduations.

The complete Impact Report further showcases the organisation’s initiatives and impact throughout 2022. It can be downloaded via the foundation’s website and social media platforms.

“We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners from Indonesia and worldwide for their valued support, engagement, and contribution to the pathways that we have paved and are continuously paving together,” Ferro added.

New Board of Trustees join Pijar Foundation

In addition to releasing the Impact Report, Pijar Foundation is thrilled to welcome two new members to its Board of Trustees: Arsjad Rasjid, the Chairman of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), and Wishnutama Kusubandio, former Minister of Tourism and Telkomsel President Commissioner. Both have been long-time supporters of the foundation since its inception, and in their new roles, they will provide guidance, strategic direction, and support to advance Pijar Foundation’s objectives.

“I am thrilled to be joining the Board of Trustees of Pijar Foundation and look forward to working with the team to create more synergy and collaboration between private and public sectors. The foundation’s commitment to empowerment through advocacy, education, and innovation is truly commendable,” said Arsjad Rasjid.

“As a long-time supporter of Pijar Foundation since its ideation stage, their focus on anticipating and preparing for the challenges we will face in the future aligns perfectly with my own values. What they are doing is what we need to embrace the exponential changes we are experiencing right now. I am thrilled to join the Board of Trustees and to continue working alongside such a talented and dedicated team,” said Wishnutama.

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