Pijar Foundation & TAEF MoU Signing: To Make Stride in Future Food and Climate Innovation

Press Room
Jun 6, 2023

TAEF’s chairman Dr.Michael Hsiao and Pijar’s executive director Mr.Ferro Ferizka displayed the MoU.

The Taiwan Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF) and Indonesia-based philanthropy Pijar Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on June 6, 2023, to strengthen cooperation in the field of food and climate innovation in the future. The focus of this partnership is “Enhancing Cooperation in Future Food and Climate Innovation,” to deepen understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the critical areas through collaboration and knowledge sharing between Taiwan & Indonesia and to develop innovative solutions. Both organizations are committed to creating a sustainable future for the region by connecting and mobilizing strategic stakeholders including but not limited to the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and communities. Through this collaboration, TAEF and Pijar Foundation aim to maximize the best ideas, innovations, and technological prototypes concerning future food and climate trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Pijar Foundation is a non-profit organization and ecosystem that aims to equip strategic players with the skills and knowledge to face future trends, opportunities, and challenges, particularly in the fields of Future Talent and Future Planet sustainability. To achieve this goal, Pijar Foundation has launched three main programs in policy (Global Future X), talent (Future Skills), and innovation (Lestari). In addition, Pijar Foundation builds ecosystems and connects thousands of strategic stakeholders from the private sector, government, educational institutions, communities, and society to work together to accelerate progress and build a better future for all.

TAEF’s and Pijar’s management team and representatives from Minister of Foreign Affairs and Office of Trade Negotiations.

TAEF’s chairman Dr. Michael Hsiao mentioned in his remark that TAEF and Pijar hope for more collaboration in smart agriculture, future food, and talent development. Through this MOU, the two entities will embark on the journey together to enhance each other’s knowledge and expertise. The two organizations need to make strides to raise awareness among the region, for example making actionable suggestions to policymakers.  “We will make small but sustainable steps for future collaboration, and to be the pioneer in Taiwan and Indonesia relationship. “

Pijar’s executive director Mr. Ferizka also indicated that Pijar foundation is built upon 3 pillars: talents, innovations, good governance and policies. “We believe TAEF and Pijar’s encounter in Japan is fate.” Pijar Foundation has a high regard for Taiwan’s advanced agricultural and aquaculture technologies. During this visit, Pijar would like to not only get to know the new technologies in Taiwan, but also to bring them back to Indonesia and to see how these innovative technologies can be implemented into the field practice.  

This MoU not only symbolizes the commitment of TAEF and Pijar Foundation towards sustainable development but also highlights the importance of international collaboration and partnerships in tackling global challenges. It is also a continuation of Pijar Foundation’s efforts to support Indonesia’s goal of achieving food security as the foundation recently held its Global Future Fellows program on the issue and is set to publish a white paper on it in August. Meanwhile, it also aligned with TAEF’s long-term vision to promote regional cooperation and sustainable development among Taiwan and New Southbound neighboring countries. Through this collaboration, the two organizations are set to make significant strides in the field of food and climate innovation, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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